Our Mission

We strive to facilitate learning through time spent in awe and wonder, and to inspire people to investigate the many facets of the world around them.


From a quick visit to enjoy the cafe area and free wifi, to meandering through the gift shop, to a full day of interacting with the exhibits, there are many options available to satisfy different commitments and budgets.

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Can you start a conversation with anyone? Do you like to take little ideas and guide ways to make them come true? Do you like to create and build? We would love it if you would help us aim high for our community!

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What we’re about

COGnition is museum style center, full of interactive exhibits that offer hands-on learning opportunities, while being fun and interesting for kids of all ages. This is a place where families can come make memories, generations can connect over shared discoveries and experience, and our youth can see horizons of interest and possibility open before them. May the community be empowered, guests be enlightened, and minds of all ages be challenged and inspired! It may be a small start, but this is just the beginning!

Bringing Interactive Discovery and Innovative Inspiration to Northern Michigan


COGNiTiON Founders and Board

Kimmee Wenkel

Executive Director and Co-founder

Laura Stanwick

Assistant Executive Director and Co-Founder

Kimberlee Wenkel

Executive Director and Co-founder

Laura Stanwick

Assistant Excutive Director and Co-Founder

Board of COGNiTiON

Julie Williams

Board President

Carrie Wilhelm


Aaron Harris

Board Secretary

Casey Mckenzie


Rich Brauer

Board Member

Amy Martin

Board Member


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